Why cooking by sunrays?

The advantages for people and environment are huge!

Advantages for people:

~ Far less firewood to gather. This saves hours of walking for women and children, time to be spent more usefully.
~ Far less smoke in or around the cottage and thus cleaner air and fewer cara patients.
~ Fewer dangerous fires in or near the cottage. So fewer burn wounds, especially among children.
~ Reduction of fuel expenses up to 25% of the income. This is getting more and more important as in a growing number of areas gathering firewood is being forbidden.
~ Moreover, learning how to cook with the solar cooker offers opportunities to cook fewer one-sided meals.

Advantages for the environment:

~ Reducing deforestation. When the cooker is used trees will not be cut for cooking fires.
~ Reducing erosion and thus more fertile soil for agriculture can be generated.
~ Far less CO2 pollution by poorly burning fires, and, moreover, CO2 is absorbed by the trees that are spared.

The news that wood traders have smashed the windows of solar cookers proves that the solar cooker can save wood indeed. Evidently cooking by sunrays is disadvantageous for their trade.

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