Can the solar cooker be successful?

A number of questions which may be important at the introduction.

Is firewood becoming a problem

  • Do people have to walk far to gather it.
  • Is other fuel available and if so, is it expensive.
  • Will gathering firewood be prohibited soon.
  • What percentage of family income is spent on fuel for cooking.

What is the main ingredient of local food

  • Is the food cooked in a pot or is it baked on a plate like pancakes.
  • At what hour of the day is food cooked.
  • Do they have a hot meal once or twice a day.
  • Do they often stew or roast.
  • Are many other ingredients used apart from the main food.

Materials used for production

  • Is beside timber, plate material available as well.
  • What sorts of thin metal can be bought locally, e.g. aluminium.
  • Is 4 mm glass available and if so, is it expensive.
  • Can silicon kit and household aluminium foil be obtained.
  • Is there electricity.

Weather conditions

  • How long does the rain season last and are there 4 hours of sun each day after that.
  • Is the sky blue or whitish when there are no clouds.
  • What is the degree of humidity.
  • Are there sandstorms regularly and during longer periods.