Projects and financial possibilities

The work group “Solar Cookers Sliedrecht” is a side activity of the Sliedrecht Recycling Shop. Every year this shop donates € 4500 to the work group, and, apart from this, every now and then the work group receives money from individuals and institutions to support its objectives.

Quite often cookers are made and sent – usually by container – to countries where people want to try the cooker. Cookers are also lent to people who doubt the possibility of cooking by sunrays for their projects in the third world. During the summer months they get a cooker to experiment with in the Netherlands.

A workshop in Kenya got a sawing machine. Two schools in India received money to construct a series of cookers. Smaller projects were supported in Mali, Togo, Ghana, Kenya and Vietnam. In 2002 the budget was spent on developing a folding device. The inner box of thin metal can be regarded as the essential part of the box cooker. With the folding device a steam-tight inner box can be made of a thin metal sheet, aluminium for example.

For 2005 Mali, Kenya, Mauretania and some other countries are on the list to continue existing workshops.

Places where the demand for cookers is bigger than can be supplied are entitled to receive a folding device. Together with this they get a roll of aluminium sheet, enough for producing 135 inner boxes. Places where no freight containers can be sent to, get a drawing of the folding device and the money to make it.

There are a number of conditions to be met, of course, before getting a donation. Thus the money for introducing cookers is only paid after proof of production has been received.

If you would like to start a project with the cooker, or if you would like to receive some information about current projects, please contact us.