The BC 122

As it turned out that people do not usually widen the solar cooker, we introduced the BC 122 as a type of its own. Height and depth have remained the same, only the width has been enlarged. As almost all over the world the width of the plates of plywood is 122 cm, we took this as the standard. In our workshop we made a mould for the windowpane and the frame to hold the inner box. This makes the work easier, because now the dimensions of the glass are always exactly the same.

We used this for the first time when a person from Georgia was with us for a few days to learn how to build cookers.

The BC 122 gets a somewhat higher temperature (160 - 170 C), because relatively less of the air current is lost through the sides. Because of this higher temperature it is also possible in favourable circumstances to bake small loaves of bread. Sometimes it is advisable to put a metal sheet in the cooker (on the grate) to store extra heat. Pre-heating takes a little longer then, but a higher starting temperature is kept for a longer time, which is necessary to bake bread. By adding 4% milk powder, a little coffee cream or sugar to the dough, the crust of the loaf will be brown more quickly. To raise the temperature inside the cooker even higher, reflection screens could be placed at the sides as well.